• We need to train ourselves and the youth to face challenges – Sanober Ahmer
    Sanober Ahmer, Subject Specialist of Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at Ahmz & Sanobz Learning Aid Centre talks about her learning center and the book she has authored that is being followed in educational institutions. 1. Tell us about the book you have authored? I have written/compiled […]
  • Reading is the only chisel that shapes up your mind – Sana Munir
    Sana Munir, author of “Unfettered Wings” discusses what makes a good story great and the honest truth about Pakistan’s publishing industry in this exclusive interview.  1. How can a good author become great? Both of these words, good and great, are subjective, if not hierarchal. For different […]
  • In conversation with Ahmed Jilani, Lead Vocalist of ‘Badnaam’
    Ahmed Jilani, Lead Vocalist, Badnaam, the runner-up band at the 2017 Pepsi Battle of the Bands, talks about how his band’s journey began in this exclusive interview. 1. What is the story behind the name “Badnaam”? Badnaam was formed back in 2009 originally with Lala Ahsan on Bass guitars and […]
  • Youngest author at AuthorHouseUK – Sophia Abid
    Sophia Abid, author of “I Wear a Wig” narrates her feeling when her manuscript was accepted by AuthorHouseUK in this exclusive interview with Karvan.  1. How did you become an author? Becoming an author has been a long and tough process. It took me a year and a half to get accepted by a […]
  • Create your own platform with your passion – Shalal Hashim
    Shalal Hashim, Founder and Owner, “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan” delves on how his established these brands and where does he see himself in the future.  1. What are “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan”? Ultra is an art associate company […]