• A musician by profession, a drummer by choice! – Alfred D’mello
    1. Tell us about yourself? Hi, I am Alfred D’mello, a musician (drummer) music-arranger. I started drumming since the age of 8 and began my professional drumming career at 17 with my first professional band Mizmaar. 2. What led you to become a drummer? Since I belong to a Christian family there was […]
  • Our country needs our love, respect, and care – Hira Ambreen
    Hira Ambreen, Country Ambassador Awareness 360 and Champion at United People Global, talks about her ambitions and life goals with KARVAN.  1. Tell us about yourself? I am Hira Ambreen, a student, activist, planner and a manager and sometimes a debater. I love to observe the world. I love to work […]
  • Your future is your hands: Hajra Javed
    Hajra Javed, Founder and CEO, Hajra’s Crafteria, talks to KARVAN about her journey as an artisan. 1. Tell us about yourself and your career? I am an ordinary person with big dreams and faith. I graduated in Commerce followed by completing my Masters in HR Management (MHRM) in 2017 from the […]
  • Envisioning a Digital Pakistan: Muhammad Kabir Khan
    Muhammad Kabir Khan, a Digital Marketing and Sales professional with over 16 years of experience, is also the first Pakistani author to write a book on digital marketing. He speaks to KARVAN about his dreams and aspirations. 1. Tell us about yourself? I am a passionate marketer with over 17 years […]
  • Keep the child in you alive who wants to learn – Mehreen Shafique
    Ms. Mehreen Shafique, Founder, The PowerPoint Company talks to Karvan about the importance of making visually appealing presentations in this exclusive interview.    1. What led you to establish The PowerPoint Company? I admired people throughout my life who had some talent related to art. I […]