• Creativity comes from emotional expressionism – Neil Uchong
    Neil Uchong has been following his passion to create graffiti of all shapes and sizes. He is a full-time artist exploring his inner creativity and a platform for aspiring Pakistani artists. He talks to Karvan in this exclusive interview.  1. Who is Neil Uchong? Neil Uchong is a multi-ethnic artist […]
  • Hareem Fatima – Promoting literature, one step at a time!
    1. What is LitLight? Litlight started with the dream to solve the problems which aspiring writers/poets/authors were facing across Pakistan. We observed that there are comparatively fewer opportunities in Pakistan for writers/authors to promote themselves or to polish their skills. As social […]
  • I envision Pakistan to develop in the field of Astronomy and space research – Muhammad Rayan Khan
    Muhammad Rayan Khan is IAU100 Dark Skies Ambassador and Young Persons Representative of Royal Aeronautical Society Pakistan Division. He is an advocate of dark skies and disseminates awareness about the adverse impact of light pollution. He talks to Karvan about Dark Skies and how can we reduce […]
  • ‘Sareer Films’ is an entrepreneurial, service-based venture – Monazza Fatima Naqvi
    Monazza Fatima Naqvi is a Visual Artist-Filmmaker and Educationist. She is a performing artist and traveler by heart. She talks to Karvan about her company and mission, Sareer Films in this interview 1. For how long have you been associated with theatre? Theatre became a part of my life while I was […]
  • The next generation will ride our wave – Anarchy
    Anarchy is a HipHop revolution gradually making its presence felt across Karachi and Pakistan. The BBoys of this dance crew, led by BBoy Taishi, sit with Karvan to talk about who they are and where they are headed.  1. What is Anarchy, and did you guys first thought of forming this crew? Anarchy is […]