• A determined educationist – Wajeeha Zameer
    “Patience, perseverance and being able to accept differing and opposing perspectives is what our youth must learn” says Wajeeha Zameer, an educationist and Co-Founder, Institute of Excellence in Learning and Teaching, Karachi. 1. Why “education? Because of a myriad of reasons. First, my […]
  • Our job is to write our own destiny – Kiran Ashraf
    Kiran Ashraf, Vice President Karachi Chapter of the Young Women Writers’ Forum – Pakistan, talks to KARVAN about writing and reading! 1. You have writing frequently at a number of platforms. What content do you think best attracts the readers? The content differs per audience in my […]
  • A goal-oriented entrepreneur: Noorulain Qureshi
    1. What are your job responsibilities as Consultant at Oriflame? Being a Consultant, my duty is to increase the network of ORIFLAME as well as sell the products that provide benefits to our clients. Also, I have to see how to give away gift hampers and discount on deals. 2. What is TECH Pakistan […]
  • Candid to the Core
    Osama Ghazi, a theatrical actor who made his transition to television as an actor and a producer, opens up about his career and the future of the country’s movie industry. What is more challenging, doing theater or television? It was back in 2011 when I appeared on the television for the first time […]
  • ‘Keep playing your music for the people’
    The text follows an interview of Mr. Arieb Azhar, who performed for Coke Studio’s second season as well as across Pakistan, in the USA and in Croatia. This interview was taken by Muhammad Omar Iftikhar and appeared in the Daily Times (Edition of Friday, January 19, 2018) […]