Arham Imtiaz won the Best Meme Marketing Campaign and Young Digital Entrepreneur award at the Pakistan Digital Award 2021. He speaks to Karvan in this exclusive interview. 

1. Tell us about yourself?
I am 23 years old currently in the last semester of BBA from Iqra University. I did my diploma in Digital Marketing from IBA in 2019 and several other certifications related to digital marketing. I am a digital marketer professionally, working on different marketing projects.

2. What does it mean for you to win the Pakistan Digital Award 2021?
It’s a big deal for me as I started meme marketing in the first wave of COVID where everything was shutting down and I came out with something productive. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this successful.

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3. For those who are not aware, please share what led you to win the Pakistan Digital Award 2021?
So there’s a misconception that I won the awards for my page “Arham Tweets” but in reality, that’s not the case. I won as a marketer, not as a memer. I designed and ran a meme marketing campaign for my client.

4. What inspired you to become a digital entrepreneur?
Due to the pandemic, a lot of businesses have faced a huge loss. Digital marketing has been booming for many years now. I am pleased to have sensed the opportunity at the right time and took the step.

5. As a young entrepreneur, what challenges did you face?
A lot of people have ideas but they don’t implement and initiate something so likewise, the biggest challenge for me was to take the first step because it takes the main effort.

6. What advice will you give to those who are aspiring to become digital entrepreneurs?
My only advice would be to stop wasting time in useless activities like gossips or discussing people etc. Be productive, do brainstorming, think about new ideas, make them practical and you’ll excel for sure.

7. Where do you see Pakistan’s digital media landscape in the next five years?
We need to develop and pursue advancements in Pakistan’s digital technology framework. It will take time maybe more than 5 years but it’s not impossible. I am hoping for a big change.

8. What are your future goals?
I want to work smart and achieve all my goals in my 30s and then enjoy the remaining life to its fullest. I don’t want to be a struggling person in my 40s.

9. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Again my advice for the youth is to stop wasting the time and value it the most. Be productive and read books like “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “Who Moved Your Cheese.” My advice for the undergraduates would be to plan your career while you are studying. Once you graduate there will be a lot of social and family pressure regarding your professional choices. It is better to be prepared and do something productive now!

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