Muniza Imran is a dedicated youth of Pakistan. She is the Founder and CEO of WriterTalks, an online literary agency, that is making waves in Pakistan’s publishing industry. Muniza talks to Karvan about her venture in this exclusive interview.

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1. Tell us about yourself?
My name is Muniza, and I am an undergrad Computer Science student inclined towards Data Analytics. My venture, WriterTalks, is an online book publishing platform. We help Pakistani writers publish their books and give the youth a platform to outshine and stand with pride in a literary community.

2. What is it like to lead a team of youth behind WritersTalk?
My team of talented individuals only puts me in a state of awe when they bring in creative ideas. The dedication these people have and the support I get from my team only motivate me to keep moving ahead.

3. What motivated you to become one of the founders of WritersTalk?
As a young writer, my experience made me come up with this idea to have a platform where all services required to publish a book are available at pocket-friendly rates. The aim was to provide the young writers with a hub where they can get their books edited, cover designed, printed, and marketed, all in one place.

4. The publishing industry of Pakistan has lacked exponential growth. Where do you see this industry five to ten years down the road?
Surprisingly, the youth nowadays are more than ever displaying their writing skills through social media apps such as Instagram blog pages and Wattpad. This only shows that Pakistan’s youth are fond of writing but are not being provided with the platform to publish their books in hardcopy. I hope to see more platforms like WriterTalks shortly, assisting Pakistan’s young writers.

5. Tell us about your team and some of the titles that you have published?
I have a team of 11 members: editors, graphic designers, social media managers, team leaders, literary agents, and a printing press. We have published nearly 20 titles in the year 2020 and 4 so far in 2021. Most of our published authors are under the age group of 20 and 25.

6. What message will you give to aspiring writers of Pakistan?
My message to aspiring writers is to never give up the passion for writing if they cannot find any valuable resource to publish their books. Know that WriterTalks is here for you and will make sure your writing reaches the heights it deserves.

7. Being a student of computer science working with data, you entered the world of publishing. How did this transition take place?
Publishing as a startup was only out of my need to find a reasonable and affordable publishing house in college. In contrast, computer science is merely my line of career and primary source of bread and butter.

8. What process should aspiring writers follow to have their book published with WritersTalk?
Our publishing process is very simple and straightforward. Fill out the publishing form, and an agent will get back to the writer within three business days:

9. Share some details about The Literary Chowk, WriterTalks’ Annual Magazine?
The Literary Chowk, WriterTalks’ Annual Magazine was a product out of a need for a magazine that promotes and displays aspiring artists of Pakistan, such as writers, poets, photographers, digital artists, and more. So far, we have published and launched Volume One in January 2021. Volume Two submissions will open in December 2021.

10. Your message for the youth of Pakistan
Keep going. It won’t be easy, you won’t always have other’s back, and you certainly cannot expect to make millions right away. Processes take time, take it slow, and bloom and rise when it is meant to be. Keep learning as much as you can from others along the way. Networking is key!

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