“Be your own leader!”: Waniya Aneel

Waniya Aneel is a fourteen-year-old author from Karachi, Pakistan. She is obsessed with literature and loves to read. She is the author of “Sophie James & The Untold Truth” which is available for pre-order. She talks to Karvan in this exclusive interview. 1. Tell us about yourself? I am Waniya Aneel. I was born in […]

Reading is the only chisel that shapes up your mind – Sana Munir

Sana Munir, author of “Unfettered Wings” discusses what makes a good story great and the honest truth about Pakistan’s publishing industry in this exclusive interview.  1. How can a good author become great? Both of these words, good and great, are subjective, if not hierarchal. For different people, they can reflect diverse things – acceptance with […]

Youngest author at AuthorHouseUK – Sophia Abid

Sophia Abid, author of “I Wear a Wig” narrates her feeling when her manuscript was accepted by AuthorHouseUK in this exclusive interview with Karvan.  1. How did you become an author? Becoming an author has been a long and tough process. It took me a year and a half to get accepted by a couple […]

In conversation with ‘Akasious’

Kinza Asghar Khan, also known as Akasious, talks about what inspired her to write a novel and what is her poetry book about.  1. Tell us about yourself? My name is Kinza Asghar Khan however among my readers I am known as Akasious, which is my pen name. I was born and raised up in […]