Turn your minds a source of positivity: Huda Arshad

Huda Arshad is an aspiring teen with a mission to change the world through her literary endeavors.  1. Tell us about yourself I am Huda from Bahawalpur, Pakistan. My age is 15. My book ‘A Deep Ocean’ was published in October 2020 by Auraq publications. I am also the founder of the e-magazine ‘Let’s pen […]

Be vigilant about your decisions and vision: Rehan Khan

1. What is the mission of Careermap.pk and how can one use its services? At Career Map, we aim to help people identify the missing ingredients and provide resources to help them achieve their career goals. Career Map is a tool that helps people validate their progress toward their career goals. It compares the user […]

Create your own identity – Faiza Iqbal

Faiza Iqbal, Director Training at the Pakistan Council of Youth, believes hard work and perseverance pays and that your dreams can come true if you are dedicated to achieving your goals. She talks to KARVAN in this exclusive interview.  1. Tell us about yourself? I am Faiza Iqbal, a professional engineer, a motivational speaker, a counselor, […]