1. What is the mission of Careermap.pk and how can one use its services?
At Career Map, we aim to help people identify the missing ingredients and provide resources to help them achieve their career goals. Career Map is a tool that helps people validate their progress toward their career goals. It compares the user with other professionals and shows the differences over a map against user-defined targets (such as country, industry, and position).

We are offering free access to the tool and anyone can sign-up from the website (www.careermap.pk), set-up their profile, and pitch themselves on their target career to see how they can achieve it.

2. To what extent are students and graduates in Pakistan aware of the career they need to pursue after graduation? 
The majority of the students are not well aware of different dimensions of industries or even the industry itself.  It’s a matter of branding on an industry level and I believe, the success stories play a key role here which drives people’s attention to make them aware that yes this could be done. Unfortunately, students don’t know that there are various dimensions in every domain of industry whether it is textile, technology, or healthcare, etc.

They don’t have access to that kind of industry knowledge like whatever they studied could be applied in other sectors. The issue here is that people don’t know how well they could do or match to a new career that is different from the industries they already know.

3. What key qualities do you look for in potential candidates aspiring to work for Career Map? 
We look for people who want to make something out of themselves, by creating value or adding value. People who are focused on achieving goals, not just the objectives. To us, we hire those who are born to challenge everything. Those, who can get the results regardless of the limited knowledge or resources.

4. What impact will career counseling has on students if properly pursued in educational institutes? 
With better insights, students will be able to foresee what comes next and will scale their professional horizons eloquently.

5. Your advice to the fresh graduates of Pakistan who are going to begin their corporate journey during the testing times of Covid-19?
Be vigilant about your decisions and vision, understand what you are doing, how you are doing, and why you are doing it. Study the market, especially the industry. Project the demand of your chosen profession on these parameters to see how far you can aim and then once you know your target, start killing it!

6. Do you think graduates in Pakistan are focused more on the destination (job position, salary, status) than on the professional direction (where they want to be or do in the next five to ten years?   
I believe it depends on the approach, some start with short term goals, and some with long term goals. For those who project themselves to a certain level, they need to do their homework before stepping into any direction and pivot accordingly as they progress. These are the students or professionals who stay ahead of their game and evolve to the next level.

The majority of the people (students or professionals) go for instant results. They tend to follow the trend keeping in view their current needs and they start ahead. The issue is once the need is fulfilled, the urge for progress drops because they haven’t had the vision, to begin with.

7. Your message for the youth of Pakistan? 
Don’t just live for the sake of living; don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Make something out of yourself; have a vision, follow a mission, and show the world who you are!

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