My characters embody diversity: Rakhshanda Zahir

Karvan showcases Rakhshanda Zahir, author of A Nostalgic Silence and co-author of the anthology Dreams and Delusions. Currently pursuing her studies in journalism and mass communication at the University of Peshawar, Rakhshanda Zahir brings a unique perspective to her writing endeavors. Q1. What inspired you to become a writer, and how did you begin your […]

A good story is all you need to successfully convey an idea or a message – Sharum

Since its debut on YouTube, Sharum Ki Sketchbook has captivated our attention with its diverse storylines and a plethora of unique yet relatable characters. From Dilbar and Dabeer to the unforgettable Khalida Aunty and the irritating neighbors, Sharum’s artistic ingenuity has enthralled us by vividly portraying the intricacies and humor of life. We are delighted […]

A musician by profession, a drummer by choice! – Alfred D’mello

1. Tell us about yourself? Hi, I am Alfred D’mello, a musician (drummer) music-arranger. I started drumming since the age of 8 and began my professional drumming career at 17 with my first professional band Mizmaar. 2. What led you to become a drummer? Since I belong to a Christian family there was always a […]