Dr. Samiha Zubair is still in buoyancy of contemplating her actions

A doctor by profession and an author by passion, Dr. Samiha Zubair, author of Reneging Quiescence talks to KARVAN in this interview  1. Briefly, tell us about yourself? Still in buoyancy of contemplating my actions of measured precursor so they will lead to fruitful results. 2. You are a doctor and you are a writer, […]

“MeeshaSlays is mine; it is where I am allowed to be myself!”- Rameesha Syed

“Piñata Magazine is all about everything bright and happy,” says Rameesha Syed, CEO, Piñata and blogger at MeeshaSlays in this exclusive interview with KARVAN 1. Define yourself? I am the most confused person you will ever meet. Usually, it is very hard for me to make meager decisions like what to eat, what to watch, […]

When ‘The Amjad Twins’ produce digital content, its twice the fun!

Kinza Amjad and Rida Amjad, The Amjad Twins, have created a stir on social media with their video content. They talk about their lives and plans in this exclusive interview with KARVAN 1. Tell us about yourself? KINZA: Being a media sciences graduate I’ve always been interested in performing arts. I’m curious by nature and […]