Sophia Abid, author of “I Wear a Wig” narrates her feeling when her manuscript was accepted by AuthorHouseUK in this exclusive interview with Karvan.¬†

1. How did you become an author?
Becoming an author has been a long and tough process. It took me a year and a half to get accepted by a couple of publishers before I had said “yes” to AuthorHouseUK. During all this time, hopelessness was something I truly believed in. The day I realized I shouldn’t be writing anymore, it was the very next day when I received a call from AuthorHouseUK on being accepted. That day and today, and forever, I truly believe what’s meant to be your’s will come to you, but only when the time is right.

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2. Writing a novel requires time and dedication. How did you manage your studies while writing your novel?
Well, I’ve always considered writing as something I could replace with my breath. I would easily manage to take out time for my studies and Alhamdulillah I scored positions throughout. I would study a lot on some days so that I could work on my book on the other days. I never found any trouble in managing my studies and writing my book. Because I wanted to do it, nothing came in between as a hurdle.

3. Without giving any spoilers, tell us a bit about “I Wear a Wig?”
“I WEAR A WIG” revolves around a series of events in the life of a girl called Mia, who suffers from a couple of mental disorders, which are diagnosed when the time runs out and things are on the verge of a downfall. During this time, Mia meets the love of her life, who shows her an entirely new universe which soon starts to collapse when he leaves her. She blames herself for not being enough for him and considers death as the only way out. Unfortunately, circumstances won’t let her die on her own and something else makes way into her life that starts to build her world again.

4. How does it feel to be the youngest author at AuthorHouseUK?
Becoming the youngest international best seller had been my dream since I was old enough to realize the importance of writing in my life. I did not have enough resources at the age of 8, but when I turned 17, I finally completed my book, which is how accomplished my dream and after a year, my book got published. I am the youngest author at AuthorHouseUK and this is enough for me to be happy with what I have achieved.

5. What was your first emotion when AuthorHouseUK accepted “I Wear a Wig” for publication?
It was a hopeless night the day after I decided to never write again but when I received a call, it was surprising enough to make me cry, jump and have butterflies fly in my stomach all at the same time. I couldn’t stop screaming. For a moment, I thought I would faint with happiness but then I decided to stay strong and call my family to inform them. It was the best day of my life. Right after I dealt with them, I got another call from a publisher that accepted my book but I had already said yes to AuthorHouseUK. I was speechless and I went kind of crazy.

6. What suggestion would you give to publishing houses in Pakistan?
To be honest, we don’t have many publishing houses in Pakistan, specifically traditionally publishing houses even when our country is rich with not just writers, but poets and so much more literary talent. We need to establish more publishing houses, even if it means establishing a self-publication company. For those publishers already in Pakistan, I would say that we should follow the trend akin to the rest of the world and give more exposure to the books they are publishing. In this way, not just the publisher will gain success, but it would be an honor for the country to showcase emerging new talented people.

7. In your opinion, what makes a good writer become great?
A writer is not made by the words he writes but by the impact he creates through them.

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Keep working but remember one thing; stop begging for what you want, you don’t know if it’s better for you or not. What matters is your belief in the fact that what’s meant to be yours will be yours, only at the right time. You might be praying for something but it is also possible that something greater and better awaits your way. Work for your country because tomorrow when you shine, your country will brighten your sparkle.

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