A musician by profession, a drummer by choice! – Alfred D’mello

1. Tell us about yourself? Hi, I am Alfred D’mello, a musician (drummer) music-arranger. I started drumming since the age of 8 and began my professional drumming career at 17 with my first professional band Mizmaar. 2. What led you to become a drummer? Since I belong to a Christian family there was always a […]

Candid to the Core – Osama Ghazi

Osama Ghazi, a theatrical actor who made his transition to television as an actor and a producer, opens up about his career and the future of the country’s movie industry. What is more challenging, doing theater or television? It was back in 2011 when I appeared on the television for the first time in Geo […]

Irum Zahra: Aspiring to become Pakistan’s biggest publicist!

“Literature will make us Immortal. As long as there is one person out in the world who reads your work, that is a reason for you to write!” Irum Zahra, Founder and CEO, Beyond Sanity Publishing talks to KARVAN in this exclusive interview 1. Briefly tell us about your life and education? My life and […]