Zarrar Khuhro is a current affairs commentator who shares his insights and opinions through print and electronic media. He is one of the hosts at the TV talk show Zara Hat Kay.  He gives a candid exclusive inclusive interview with Karvan.

1. Who is Zarrar Khuhro?
You tell me. It would be rather presumptuous for me to say. One is always a work in progress.

2. What inspired you to become a current affairs commentator?
Well, that would imply I set out to get here. It started with writing articles and working for various media groups in different capacities – print and then electronic and then both. – and then I just sort of ended up here. To imply I planned this would be giving myself far more credit than I deserve.

3. Tell us about your student life and what you wanted to become when you were a college/university student?
Well, I managed to not get expelled, so I suppose that’s an achievement. I always wanted to be an author. Or maybe a stand-up comedian.

4. What problems do you see with the content being created for electronic media in Pakistan?
I think we suffer from a lack of imagination and so end up doing the same format, with the same guests and topics over and over again. We need to break out of that rut and use our imagination a bit more.

5. It seems that hosting a TV show is a child’s play. Please do share the challenges a host needs to go through before hosting a regular TV show?
Well, if it were a child’s play, then we would see more children hosting shows. The challenges vary, depending on what kind of show you’re doing and for what reason. Ideally, the greatest challenge should be to set aside personal biases and report events with as much clarity as possible. Oh, and never let your ego lead you, that always ends badly.

6. Your advice to students who wish to become professionals in the electronic media?
Do your homework. Know that it will be a struggle; no one immediately gets that job, you (ideally) will have to put in a lot of work.

7. Who were the Pakistani talk show hosts or presenters who inspired you?
Methab Rashidi 🙂 I also loved this show that used to come on business plus with Ayesha Alam and Hilaly.

8. How do you come up with topics for the articles you write for print media?
I like to write about things I find interesting, and that usually does not include politics. So instead I opt for history, science, and hopefully some humor. I read a lot so ideas come from all over the place.

9. In your view, is our media and the world media really free?
Some are freer than others 🙂

10. Your message for the youth of Pakistan.
There are no shortcuts. No one owes you anything and the world can be a cruel place. Also, try not to post your entire life online, that will come back to haunt you.

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