Muneera Adil is a seasoned writer. She has been contributing to Pakistan’s print media for over nineteen years. Her writing prowess and acumen add value to her writing.  She talks to Karvan in this exclusive interview. 

1. How did you venture into the world of freelance writing?
Since my student life, I have been pursuing writing as a hobby. I used to contribute to print publications including Roznama Jang. After marriage and after a hiatus of a few years, when I started again writing from Roznama Jang, my cousin forced me to write for Dawn. She also advised me to write as a freelancer. I have been a freelance writer for over nineteen years. My articles, reviews, surveys, recipes, interviews, stories, features among others have appeared in Roznama Jang, Dawn, Roznama Express, Yahday. Com (European Union’s online newspaper), The DutchMan (Canada’s online magazine), Fashion Mag, Insaf Times, Dalda ka Dastarkhuwan, Inspiration, Niyapo, Roohani Digest, etc.

2. What does ‘writing’ mean to you?
Writing is my passion. Writing is the power to express feelings; it can bring a change in society. It’s a God Gifted talent so its a duty of writers to use it wisely and honestly. A word or sentence can bring a positive or negative change in society.

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3. The News International nominated you among the 50 Power Women of Pakistan. What did it feel like to be part of this exclusive group?
I cannot express this feeling in words.

4. How do you manage your time between writing, taking care of your family and performing pastime activities?
Mostly I manage my time by making a things-to-do-list. I also schedule my day accordingly. I also pray to Allah “O ALLAH! Give Barakah in my time” Ameen

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6. What advice will you give to young writers?
Reading and observing are the keys to good writing. Before writing on any topic, make notes by reading books or searching on Google about the topic.

7. Your message for the youth of Pakistan
Don’t waste your time. You are the future of Pakistan. Always keep Faith in ALLAH and achieve your goals by following your passion and committing to hard work.