1. What were the origins of the Institute of Excellence in Learning and Teaching?
The Institute of Excellence in Learning and Teaching originates from the core concept that learning is an ongoing process. However, we cannot identify the real from what looks real. Therefore, from our platform, we try to bring only the most genuine and truly qualified professionals to instill the skills required in the education system now.

2. What are your roles and responsibilities at this Institute?
I am at the moment a significant face of the Institute. As the Co-Founder, it is my responsibility to ensure that whatever goes across from our platform is authentic. I find myself completely committed to educating people on identifying genuine trainers and training vs the glorified ones.

3. How can the youth be inclined to attain learning other than what they get from textbooks?
I think that inculcating knowledge through technology, updating the approach to learning and assessments as well as integrating skill-based education in the curriculum can help our youth in changing their mindsets.

4. Why do you think training and skills development is essential?
Well, all I can say is you teach a man how to fish and you have ensured that he will never go hungry! Training and skills are much like fishing for today’s young people.

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5. Tell us about your books that are available on Amazon?
Some elements of a person’s life have sentimental values attached to it – for me writing is one of them. My father wanted to be published but unfortunately could not do so. Hence, as a son, I tried to live up to his dream. I succeeded in it and once I got published on Amazon at the age of 18, I was unstoppable (JK)… However, today I am blessed to have 3 works of fiction on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Simon and Schuster as well as one upcoming work.

6. How is the Society of Liberal Arts helping in social evolution?
The society is an epitomization of the ideals on which liberal societies should be founded. We believe that together we can help people develop the ability to embrace multiple perspectives and be more accepting of each other. These are the very ideals underlying art, literature and true liberalism.

7. When did you fell in love with Shakespeare and what literary endeavors are you pursuing in this regard?
It was the moment when I came across the fact that within Shakespeare’s historical context is the possibility of being not one person but a myriad of people who sought excellence. This intrigued me and since then I have been hooked to Shakespeare’s works.

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Pakistan is yours! Be Pakistani, embrace it, develop a vision for it and then stick to that vision no matter how tough the going might get.

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