Anarchy is a HipHop revolution gradually making its presence felt across Karachi and Pakistan. The BBoys of this dance crew, led by BBoy Taishi, sit with Karvan to talk about who they are and where they are headed. 

1. What is Anarchy, and did you guys first thought of forming this crew?
Anarchy is a reconciliation of two well-known dance crews; Junior Jabbz and Fresh Souls. Based in Karachi, we break traditional norms of dancing in Pakistan by representing Hip-Hop and Urban style dancing. The brotherhood is a pack of 6 hot-bloods ready to conquer their dreams. Taishi / Naqi / Anas / Azhar / Aqil / Burhan. After much contemplation, we decided to combine the two dance crews on September 8, 2018, soon after Taishi’s birthday party jam at a dhaba.

2. What is the concept behind the name “Anarchy”?
The answer is in the question itself. The concept of Anarchy was to bring the revolution in Pakistan. To let people know what Hip-hop is and how it is done. Anarchy means revolution, rebel against the norms of our society. We’re one wave of our own, fighting against the so-called choreographers in the Pakistani industry and the ones who think low of us. We’re more than a crew, we’re a movement. Keeping it real from our name, logo, work, social media everything. It’s growing to be a business.

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3. Tell us about the B-Boys of Anarchy?
Anarchy has 2 Bboys: Bboy Taishi and Bboy D.S. Bboy D.S is our spin boy and a young soul ready to represent and get down anytime, anywhere. He doesn’t care about winning. He dances freely without thinking about anything.

Bboy Taishi is one of the best and finest Bboys in Pakistan. He represents the country at national and international platforms. He has earned huge respect from the foreign dancers. Taishi is also the leader of Anarchy and is usually the one who pumps up the entire crew. He is the Heart of Anarchy.

4. Which artists have been your inspiration?
Many artists have inspired every member differently. But by the end of the day, all 6 of us inspire each other, lift, help and just bring out the best of one another not only in dance but in life as well.

5. Have you ever thought of collaborating for a digital video with other rappers/singers/groups of Pakistan?
Yes, we have thought and implemented this idea of collaborating with other artists. We did a music video of “rap-e-sara rap choreography” with LUG (Lyari Underground). We were also a part of the “Paisa Phenk” video by TAMASHA band. We have a few more ideas to collab with other dancers in the city and of course, we are open for collabs and are looking forward to working with other brands/companies /artists.

6. How challenging is it to come up with dance moves and then to remember them?
As the saying goes “Everything is difficult at the start” so that is exactly how it is. Originality is one thing we keep in mind before coming up with anything. As artists we never stop learning, we’re still students and learning more and more every day and the more we know, the more we grow. Our main choreographers Naqi, Anas Hussan and Aqil, they’re the ones who have created all of our masterpieces till now. Every piece is a representation of their unique style and flavor. It is not as easy as it seems but the chemistry between the crew is so beautiful and real that everyone vibes along well and it is not that much of a challenge to remember the dance moves Its come to a point that we can do all of our choreographies in our sleep, haha.

7. What is the next level for Anarchy?
The next level of Anarchy is to represent Pakistan on an international level, to put HipHop on the HipHop map of the world. Apart from putting out dance videos and performances, we also organize HipHop jams respecting all the elements of the culture, we do dance workshops and Preach HipHop whenever we can. We’d like to set up a platform so strong that the upcoming generation won’t have to struggle as much as we are. We will pave the way for the next generation and they will ride our wave.

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
The youth of Pakistan is Raw talent. Our message is that if you have a dream, go for it. Most of them believe that art has no value in Pakistan. It is because of those people who say it. Don’t think what anyone thinks or what people will say. Just go for it. Work hard, focus on your goals and strive for them. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Each one of you is unique in your way.
Never give up and keep at it!

Image Source: All images are taken from Anarchy’s Facebook page

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