Mehreen Hussain, a Fitness Entrepreneur and a fitness consultant talks to Karvan about how to live a healthy, active life in this exclusive interview 

1. Tell us about yourself
My name is Mehreen Hussain. I love to workout, I love to eat, I love to sleep, I love all that makes me happy 🙂 I’m a Fitness Entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience in the fitness industry. I have a degree in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation from Liaquat National Hospital with various local and international training/CEUs.

Fitness Consultant/Coach | MforFitness
Program Director | MX360 Fitness & Weight Loss Programs.
Co-founder | X-FORCE & Karachi FIT
Former Fitness Manager | Shapes Karachi

I was selected twice consecutively as an International Ambassador for IDEA World Fitness Convention from Pakistan (2018 and 2019). I was also selected as one of the IDEA Shine Influencers in 2019.

Social Handle: @MforFitness

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2. What are your core specializations?
Fitness and Lifestyle management. Being in the industry for so many years I have realized that fitness professionals should be able to handle it all. If an individual comes to you intending to lose weight it is our duty to inform him/her that there are many other things that they should include in their goals. Like building strength, stamina, balance, coordination, speed, etc. I’m not saying all of this should be focused at once. There has to be a plan that should aim to achieve an active lifestyle while improving fitness levels.  I have clients with various goals; weight loss, weight gain, general fitness, skeletomuscular conditions, hormonal issues, etc. The workouts I design for them helps them achieve their primary goal along with improving all other fitness components. So I can’t pin it to Weight Loss or Fat Loss or Muscle Hypertrophy or Rehab or Athletic Training. My specialization is Fitness 🙂

As far as training modalities are concerned, I have expertise in TRX Training, MMA inspired workouts, Cross-Training, DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training), MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) and several other types of equipment like Battling Ropes, Stroops, SkillRow/WaterRower, Exercise Balls, Boxes, Bands etc.

3. How did you become a fitness trainer?
During my course of studies, I developed my interest in sports, fitness training and rehabilitation. I had the relevant educational background to start a career in this field. I was one of the first Physical Therapist to enter Pakistan’s fitness arena.

My first job as a Fitness Trainer was at Shapes Karachi. There I took the opportunity to apply my knowledge and practice my skills. I worked hard on building my expertise and was fortunate to be recognized among the male-dominant fitness personnel at my workplace.

Eventually, I was heading the Shapes Karachi branch as the Fitness Manager. In 2014, I resigned and started working on my fitness brand; MforFitness. I now run several group fitness programs at multiple locations and provide fitness and lifestyle management solutions (onsite and online). I also conduct fitness education workshops and training programs.

4. Do you think people in Pakistan give importance to meal planning and nutrition prescription?
No. Although it is the most important part of improving your health and wellness. I believe the majority of people in Pakistan are too naive about it. The key to improving it is to create awareness; better messages through advertisement, talk shows and events. Parents, Teachers, Caretakers can all play vital roles instilling young minds about the importance of Nutrition.

5. How can one avail your fitness services and solutions?
I have a Facebook page which I use for all my business-related tasks. Setting up marketing campaigns, creating events, publishing fitness related posts. Anyone who wants to connect with me or wants to join or avail my fitness solutions/services can do so through my page:

Mehreen Hussain or send me a direct message on Messenger:

For further details, visit:

6. What is your advice for those who are unable to do exercise or do not go on walks because of time constraints or lethargy?
Our lives have become sedentary making us vulnerable towards Hypokinetic diseases; those that occur due to lack of activity/movement or exercise. This includes obesity, Hypertension, Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke. Exercise should be part of everyone’s life. Your life depends on it!

Its never too late to start. In the beginning, it doesn’t have to be tough or time-consuming. Try different things and stick to the ones that you enjoy doing. Then gradually build it up. Make little changes in your lifestyle that engages you towards more activity. Sit Less, Move More.

7. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
I believe regular exercise, staying active and healthy food choices can keep an individual fit and focused no matter what age. Fitness should become part of anyone’s lifestyle just like sleeping, eating or working. Age should not limit you | Fitness is for everyone!

Mehreen Hussain’s pictures are taken from her Facebook page.

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