Zainab Iftikhar, Founder of Zee Creators shares her journey of being an entrepreneur in this exclusive interview.

1. What motivated you to establish ZEE Creators?
ZEE Creators. God. How much I struggled with the name! rather than establishing it! I’ve always been creative, it didn’t matter to me what event it was, I always put my 100% in events for my family and friends! I even did my own bridal and baby shower. My guests always appreciated my work and motivated me to start it officially so they can hire me for themselves. It did sound attractive so I took their advice and here I am now. It’s not like I came across many obstacles but I crossed the ones I did.

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2. What were the first business challenges that you faced?
Nothing new for a working woman, it was managing my time. It was hard to take out time for ZEE Creators and give it the attention it needed while not depriving my studies and family out of it. The other thing was to get people to trust ZEE Creators to manage their events, so to create my portfolio I managed my family events. It helped with both, my experience and my portfolio.

3. Did you face any family pressure when pursuing your business?
The backbone of ZEE Creators is my family, and when I say family it includes my in-laws too! It is because of their undying love and support that ZEE Creators exist.

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4. Which aspect(s) of event management do you think are the most important?
Satisfying your customer is perhaps the most important aspect that makes any venture a success. In an event management business, you have the power to turn the dreams of your clients into a reality.

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5. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dreams! Especially your laziness! Be an entrepreneur, explore your opportunities, take hold of your life and manage your time. There are so many opportunities available for the youth but a few are smart enough to avail them. Get out of your comfort zone. Hustle!

6. What advice will you give to those aspiring to enter this business?
Don’t stop creating. It’s all about creation and creativity. Let your creativity lead you and don’t let anything stop you. Sometimes you will feel like it’s going great and sometimes it’s going to be the other way around. Just don’t give up!

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7. What kind of events do ZEE Creators organize?
ZEE Creators works with you to make your dreams come true. With ample experience, we work closely with the client to figure out every detail. Our services include Backdrops for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower and more. We also do Themed Birthday Parties. Our setups include backdrops, table set up, dessert preparation and floral arrangements.

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