Rameen Fatima, Founder at Rameen Studios, gives an insightful interview on her journey on becoming a professional photographer.

1. Tell us about yourself?
I am Rameen, an independent woman utilizing my passion and skills to be an entrepreneur.

2. How did you become a photographer?
I had my interest in photography from a very young age. I still remember the first camera my uncle (mother’s brother) bought me as a gift when I was in school and I ended up capturing a lot of photos with a cropped forehead and other noticeable mistakes especially with a camera film roll having a limited capacity but it was fun.

3. From being a Chartered Accountant to pursuing a creative field, how did this transition take place?
It was not like someone forced me to study accountancy it was something I chose for myself after completing I.com. CA was challenging so I took that challenge instead for opting for BBA. Later on, I realized I was not happy and this is not what I was made for. I have been a creative and an imaginative person since by birth so I went with my nature.

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4. What essential pre-requisites do you think are needed to becoming a good photographer?
Passion, patience and an eye to judge which moment is important to be saved forever and yes, a lot of practice.

5. How can people living in Islamabad avail your photography services?
They can simply leave a message at my page, Rameen Studios,  or send me an email at [email protected]. They can contact me through my website: www.rameenstudios.com

6. Tell us about your expertise in video production and how did it all start?
I started by completing a few projects. I am passionate to learn new skills, so I learned all the skills involved in video production. I don’t even mind settings lights for my set myself according to the feel of the scene to make it perfect. I direct, shoot and edit half my projects at Rameen Studios. This has helped me a lot now that I have expertise in all phases of production and I can utilize my team at the best of its capacity.

7. What message will you give to the youth of Pakistan?
Follow your dreams and pursue your degree based on your interests and childhood passion.

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