Sanober Ahmer, Subject Specialist of Mathematics and Additional Mathematics at Ahmz & Sanobz Learning Aid Centre talks about her learning center and the book she has authored that is being followed in educational institutions.

1. Tell us about the book you have authored?
I have written/compiled a series of mathematics books for Cambridge System, out of which the first book was published almost four years ago by Paramount Books Pvt. Ltd. and has been successfully added amongst the educational entities.

This book (Reference Guide For O-Level Mathematics) is developed to understand and clear all mathematical problems involving multiple tips and tricks. It is written in a simple narrative and an easy-to-understand methodology. It helps students to overcome all anxieties related to mathematics. This book will be helpful for not only O-Level and GCSE students but also for students who are weak at this subject. It provides a quick recap of all the important topics from the examinations point-of-view but also a reference guide for fresh teachers. This book covers a complete syllabus of O-Level and GCSE mathematics along with a simple solution provider for university aptitude test preparations.

The second book is in the production phase and will be made available in the market shortly. This book is designed especially for the Cambridge system to meet the requirements of the latest mathematical syllabus for Edexcel, GCSE, IGCSE and O-Level Mathematics. The topics throughout the book are carefully graded/organized according to the level of difficulty. This book provides enough practice material for the new syllabus changes of O-Level Mathematics (4024 and 4029) for the year 2018 onwards.

Relevant prerequisites are given at the beginning of each chapter so that students can build upon their prior knowledge before starting the exercises of each chapter. There is plenty of progressive and repetitive practice material allowing students to practice methods applicable to the topics. It will help students to identify their weak areas and misconceptions.
Hoping that akin to my first book, this one will be a helpful tool for Cambridge Students.

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2. What inspired you to become an author?
During my teaching tenure, I strongly observed and noticed the difficulties faced by students, teachers and parents. By taking their feedbacks and also by visiting the various O-Level institutions, I was convinced to start working on a project to resolve these difficulties.

3. As an Educationalist Speaker, what success guidelines do you give to the audience?
First, you need to remain focused. There will be some hurdles in your way which will break your moral but there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel so keep walking and keep doing your hard work to achieve your target.

4. What skills do you think the youth must acquire in the coming years?
Our youth wants an easy way out of every situation and do not want to indulge in hard work. We need to train ourselves and the youth to face challenges so to beat the international market. We must remain focused, up-to-date and work hard to achieve our goals.

5. As the CEO and Founder of Ahmz and Sanobz Learning Aid Center, what mission are you following?
Ahmz and Sanobz Learning Aid Center’s main focus is to provide individual attention to each student. Especially for mathematics, every child needs proper attention. There is a lack of concentration in students as well as in teachers. Children want to learn everything in one go and teachers have no patience. For mathematics, a teacher must know each child’s psychology so to properly train that child accordingly.

6. Tell us more about the Center?
Ahmz and Sanobz are not ordinary tuition centers but have a homely environment, dedicated instructors who pay individual attention to each student under my supervision. Ahmz and Sanobz is dedicatedly engaged for the betterment and development of Pakistan’s youth.

7. Your message for the youth of Pakistan.
The prime thought of the youth must be to make our country strong and prosperous. For this, our youth must receive proper education and needs to work hard with dedication. Pakistani Youth will take Pakistan to the heights of success but we need to think first for Pakistan. No doubt, here in Pakistan, it is very difficult to prove ourselves but if we are result-oriented, focused and goal-oriented, we will definitely make a name for ourselves.

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