Shalal Hashim, Founder and Owner, “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan” delves on how his established these brands and where does he see himself in the future.¬†

1. What are “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan”?
Ultra is an art associate company that aims to seek hidden talents, effective means of bringing up new faces, people and putting them under a spotlight. Deep House is an online electronic music platform that connects Pakistan to the world and with electronic music followers and highlights the best talent from this genre.

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2. How did you become associated with music?
I always had a passion to sing and play. I even write songs sometimes. I wanted the world to know about what I do.

3. What is it exactly that you do with “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan”?
Ultrablack and Deep House have brought awareness to the nation about music, festivals and unidentified talents.

4. Tell us about yourself? You were born in Balochistan but your passion brought you to Lahore and Islamabad?
I was born in Balochistan but I was eager to learn and grow which brought me to bigger cities like Lahore and Islamabad. I knew the metropolis of Pakistan would provide me with a greater platform to polish my art and work.

5. What do you want to accomplish with “Ultra Black” and “Deep House Pakistan”?
I have accomplished much from Ultra Black and Deep House Pakistan but I still have to achieve more. Today the youth knows the prestige of Art and they appreciate it. With my brands, I want to enhance this connection and evolve the art.

6. What challenges did you face when setting up your brands?
There were many hurdles on the way. The main pressure came up from the society which could not inhale such a thing all of a sudden. Of course, it took time but now we are at a point which was once a dream for me. I organized and was a part of many events on the basis of my PR. I once faced financial constraints but today the state-of-affairs of my brands are pretty good.

7. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Whatever your talent is, follow it and pursue it, whether it is recognized in your region or not. Work for it. If you do not have a platform where you can display your talent, work with a passion so that you can create a platform for those who have similar dreams like yours.

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