Kulsoom Faizan Motiwala, Founder and Creative Head of “Blissful Fusion Events” and “Blissful Dreams Creations”, talks to Karvan about the many challenges involved in running an event planning business.

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1. How challenging is to run an event management business?​
Running an event management business is very challenging and has become a competitive business in recent times. Some of the challenges are as below:

Initial Budgeting and Rising Cost During an Event Planning:
The initial budgeting of an event is a challenge where we have to analyze the costs and quote the best and competitive rates to our client’s to ensure their booking confirmation while keeping all their requirements in mind and that they are covered in the package. The real challenges are then of the continuous rise of the cost during the planning of an event. We need to face and resolve all obstacles efficiently.

Human Resource and Vendor Selection:
We have to ensure that the team we hire for setting up the event is the best in terms of their work, their conduct and their result. We have a very strict policy for the HR and vendors selection to deliver the best services to our clients. The real challenge, however, lies in finding and retaining good HR and vendors but we are able to do it as per our expertise.

Time Management:
During an event planning phase, we need to develop a checklist which has a defined timeline. Allocating the timeline for each task and prioritizing and scheduling it accordingly is our expertise and a challenge. We also need to ensure the event progress is as per the initial plan and that we are not lagging behind.

Ongoing Trends and Technological Changes:
It is a challenge for event planners to follow the latest trends and to adopt technological advancement into their businesses. This includes the use of professional software for event planning, designing, latest equipment, etc. Unable to keep up would risk not only the retention of the client but also the risk of being run over by your competition.

Making an Event a Memorable one:
After the booking of an event, the real challenge is to know the planning and resource allocation can meet the client’s requirement and is also appreciated by the attendees. We try our best to make an event a memorable one both for the host and the guests.

Managing Multiple Booked Events:
We have to at times manage multiple events in a single month, week of in a day. However, we always ensure the quality of the event we deliver is not at stake. We move on with an event only if we are sure to deliver the right value as per the client’s requirement.

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2. Tell us about the brands that you own?​
Currently, I am the Creative Head and Founder of two businesses which are Blissful Fusion Events and Blissful Dreams Creations. Their details are as follows:

Blissful Fusion Events
Blissful Fusion Events deals with the Complete Event Management Solution and offers a vast variety of related services to our clients. We manage Themed Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Nikkah Events, Mayon/Mehndi Events, Wedding Events, Corporate Events, Promotional Campaigns, School Events and much more. Once the client books an event with us, his concerns and stress are then ours and we would do our best to set up and deliver their memorable event beyond their expectations.

Blissful Dreams Creations
Blissful Dreams Creations deals with providing easy and affordable access to party supplies and related event items’ rental services, This helps clients who are managing on their own to get related supplies in affordable rates and also benefit those clients who obtain the valuable items on rent basis from us which otherwise cost much. We offer a delivery service as well so that the item reaches directly to the client. This venture offers such services to other event planners as well due to our updated and trendy items and supplies management system.

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3. What led you to become an event planner?​
Becoming an event planner was always my passion. I used to arrange and manage events for my friends and family during my school and college days. After marriage my husband motivated me to launch my own brand and to turn my passion into a profession. One successful event after the other and the clients referring to their families and friends gave my business more clientele.

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4. Share some of the milestones of your life?
Professionally, I got a chance to showcase my setup multiple times at Live TV Shows, I have done two setups at ARY Good Morning Pakistan hosted by Nida Yasir Show. I also developed the set for ARY’s Salam Zindagi by Faisal Qureshi. Further, I was able to showcase my setup at a social meet up event for a reputed Social Group. A few celebrities also hired my services for their birthday parties. In a short period of time, I was able to make Blissful Fusion Events and Blissful Dreams Creations a trusted brand. I hope these brands achieve more mileage and success in the future.

Personally, my lovely milestones in life would be my marriage to a loving and supportive husband who keeps me motivated. Second, the most important milestone was the birth of my sweet bundle of joy, Muhammad Zayan, who is now, by the grace of Allah, 1.5 years old.

5. Name some of the major events that you have planned recently?​ ​
We have done a vast variety of setups but the few recent ones are as follows:

6. Has your husband been supportive of your ventures?
Yes, he has always always been. He was the one who motivated me to put my abilities and expertise in the right direction and he believed in me. The rest is now history.

7. How can one contact you to avail your services?

The Contact Details are hereunder:

Facebook Page:


Cell / Whatsapp: 0311-2985551
Website: www.blissfulfusionevents.pk
Email: [email protected]

8. What is the most challenging part of running your event planning business?​
The most challenging part of running an event planning business is to keep pace with the latest ongoing trends and perception of the people as well as keeping in line with the latest technological advancements. He who ignores such advancements in technology will not evolve over time would be left behind in today’s competitive world.

9. What advice will you give to those who aspire to become an event planner?
If you wish to become an event planner, make sure you use your own creativity and ideas in setting up the event because that will make you stand out from the competition. It is not going to be easy at first. You will need to develop and maintain your position in the market and to make the best of the opportunities that come your way. It is ok to be inspired by someone but remember that there is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism.

10. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?​
Remain positive in your life. Positivity will never yield bad results and negativity will never give you good results. You can pull off much in life if you have the correct mindset. By adopting a positive mindset, we tend to become tough, confident and are able to face the world.

All images have been provided by Ms.Kulsoom Faizan Motiwala.

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