Myra Qadeer Khan is Media Director at Snapcity and host at PTV World English. She talks to Karvan in this interview about her life’s struggles, education and career. 

1. You have faced a lot in life. Share us your struggles which we are sure will inspire our readers?
I am not mourning but each and every struggle, small and big, brings a different kind of flavor to your life. I am blessed to be an optimist hat I love to talk about it and don’t shy away at all. It’s mainstream but I see it’s still there. A girl in our society needs to be tough and strong if she needs to survive. Sometimes two people’s mind does not match. My father is a man from a different school of thought – which is why we found each other the two flipped sides of a coin. There was a communication gap which presented me with a number of challenges. However, I became more resilient because of my father.

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2. Tell us what motivated you to pursue your MPhil degree?
Passion and my association to ‘zero Affordability’
I wanted to study Media and had been really curious about how it works. I could not in my early years due to the pressure of my Father who still holds that medicine and engineering in superior and my dream was not supported. I began working while pursuing my bachelors and afterward worked day and night and took freelance projects to the point that I would use my travel time from home to office to complete tasks. My earnings would go to my tuition fund.

I still remember I had to trade my favorite clothing, bags and shoes over my fee deposits! This is a big trade-off for girls. I saved money for my fee to the point I would skip office meals. Sometimes when I was short of a couple of thousand Rupees, my mother would help me out. She has always been there for me! It was a feeling of contentment when my degree was complete.

3. You are a face for many brands. How does it feel to be associated with them and name a few brands you are a face of?
It’s not about being face. When an opportunity comes my way I always explore it. At times, friends do push me to explore and I guess it is more about learning and experiencing. There should be diversity and constant dynamics in life as stagnancy leads to rust.

I have been working with Daisies clothing for two years. I have also worked with Kayseria and Kamdani official and some salons too. I also worked with Fakhir Iftikhar. One of the shots was much loved and was published by Hello Magazines and GT magazines. It was a feature kind of a thing.

4. What is your role as the Media Director of Snapcity?
I am a Publicist. As a communication officer, I deal with the operations and also supervise the direction and serve as a host too. We conducted a few interviews with known celebrities of Islamabad. We promote talent giving the lighter side of what’s happening in the capital.\

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5. How challenging is it to work as an anchor for PTV World English?
It was smooth and very overwhelming, to be honest. I was called for a random audition and once I was done there was silence. I thought I ruined it. The next second I heard someone say, “Wow! was that your first time! Come, let’s have a cup of tea!” Over a cup of tea, we decided bulletins, a transmission, and a few more programs. I still remember that the first show had blunders but the team was supportive.

PTV World treated me like a star. We were shooting for Ramazan Transmission where I had to say a few lines about nutritious food. There was this basket full of fresh melons. I ate them while taking retakes until it was finished. It became a joke between the director and me.

All the credits go to Mr. Masood Baig who is the Head of PTV World who encouraged me and still supports a lot. He said to me, “Kabhi paisay kay peechay mat bhagna (Never run after money). Become so big in life that money chases you only then it stays with you.”

6. Tell us about your education and how did it help you discover yourself?
It helped me a lot – it polished me and taught me how to read, think and write but I think I discovered myself through experiences, struggles, and networking and yes through traveling!

7. We are sure you would have had a great time interning at the Economic Corridor Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan. How was the learning experience?
It was amazing and a lot of learning was involved. I worked at the Human Rights Division too for some time where I interacted with Focal Contacts regarding Geneva Convention and Human rights. I had a chance to interact with the UN HQ regarding Domestic Violence. The EC division where I worked on Afghan Transit Trade Management was a different experience in itself. I got to see how people at such serious places work under pressure knowing they are the facade of our country representing us abroad.

8. You have written and published a number of articles on current affairs and international relations. What motivated you to write them and how much research was involved?

I am a writer and I love to write. You give me any subject or genre and I can write on it. You give me a pen or typewriter and I can give you verbose volumes upon volumes. I observe a lot and then to get rid of all the observation in my mind I put it on paper. It is catharsis and therapy. A lot of research was involved but I gained insight by watching videos of prominent experts on particular subjects.

9. Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I consider my self too old to answer this question. I usually skip this question in interviews because it’s redundant now! I see a hidden activist somewhere in me because I found out I just can’t accept what is wrong and unjust. With my urge to take up philanthropy, I see my self down the lane owning my own company- my label could be something related to media / PR maybe I think that’s my strength – earning from there and being a donor to my Philanthropy. Making others happy just brings a different kind of contentment to me and later doing something to bring a halt to the age-old practice of caging birds as I hate it and it literally hurts me.

10. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Love your country and take pride in your Green Passport. Honestly, crime rates, poverty explosions are everywhere what differs is the magnitude and the coverage. We are more overt so it’s more prominent otherwise it’s everywhere! We should learn and ponder on how we can contribute to the boom of our country and this could be in different ways. Don’t take politics too seriously. I encourage everyone to embrace who you are. We don’t need to feel guilty or be ashamed of our failures, we need to embrace them, share them and move on. Celebrate the good stuff and don’t be afraid to share your struggles. You will be amazed at the doors it opens and the support it brings.

Also remember koi insaan bara ya chota nahi hota (no human is superior or inferior) similarly izat karo sb ki and apni izat karwao (respect everyone and make the world respect you). Foremost, respect yourself first and know your worth! Don’t give anyone the right to teach you your worth. And also remember- Allah nay Azad paida Kiya hai, kisi Kay ghulam mat bano (Allah gave you birth as a free man, do not be someone’s slave)


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