Emaan Danish Khan aspires to keep her city and the country clean. She is moving forward with the support of her mother and like-minded individuals to fulfill her goals. She talks to Karvan about her initiative to clean the environment and on the exhibitions, she has taken part in.  

1. What inspired you to recycle wood and plastic?

I see a lot of plastic pollution around me, especially when we go to the beaches I found them cluttered with plastic. This is a major threat to marine life. At my school, we learn the concept of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. I thought of applying the same using the plastic and wooden trash around me.

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2. Tell us about Emaans Peekaboo?

Emaan Peekaboo is a social venture which I started under the guidelines of my parents when I was in Grade 1 as I was very much interested in recycling. My parents provided me with the opportunities to make recyclable goods and set up an art lab at my rooftop for me. The goodies I made started selling on a Facebook page created that was by my mom. I never stopped from there and exhibited my products in my first exhibition held at Pavilion Club two years back. Since then I have participated in various TV shows and exhibitions.

3. What are the different product lines your social enterprise offers?

Toddlers activity board, fridge magnets, door tags, name tags, tiaras, playhouses.

4. Have you participated in exhibitions? Tell us about them?

I have participated in various exhibitions some of them are: Pavilion End Club Jashane Baharan, She earns Exhibition, The Bohemian, Karavan Karachi Festival, Flower show.

5. We heard your efforts were recognized in “She earns” exhibition. What was that about?

She Earns provided me an opportunity to showcase my products and they provided me with a free stall. My stall was visited by diplomats and by the delegates of various embassies. There I got an opportunity to hold my first ever press conference with Minister Shehla Raza

6. Tell us about your experience of attending the IBA Entrepreneurship Summer Camp?

It was a great learning experience. I learned about entrepreneurship mindset development by practicing hands-on exercises

7. You pitched your business plan to NEST I/O and won the first prize. How did you prepare for the pitch?

Nest I/O is a second home to me. They help me grow and blossom. The team at Nest I/O is very welcoming to every new idea. My mentor Sabika Abbas, the community manager at the Nest I/O, and my mom helped me develop my business pitch. Jehan Ara inspires me every day and I want to grow up to become like Jehan Ara

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?

Follow your dreams and strive for excellence. Your competition is with yourself only. Compete with yourself every day and discover a better self of yours.

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