Anila Razzaq is a person full of life and ideas. She is the Owner at Florals and Bows and Community Leader at The Smarts Parents of Pakistan.

1. Tell us about yourself?
I am Anila Razzaq. A business graduate and a mother of three beautiful children, Masha Allah. I have worked with established and prominent national organizations of Pakistan but left my career right after getting married. Now I am a home-based fashion designer managing my own brand. I am also a parental support community leader and a poetess. I am doing all these activities with my own choice.

2. What mission are you following as the Owner/Designer at Florals and Bows?
My daughter is my real inspiration. And my mission behind Florals & Bows is to create the most comfortable yet trendy designs in economical prices for my clients. The idea is to provide all kind of outfits under one umbrella.

3. How challenging it is to be the Community Leader at The Smart Parents of Pakistan?
Being a community leader is a huge responsibility. It’s not an easy task at all. One has to give a lot of time and effort to build a strong community. Managing community norms, topics, competitions, meet-ups and FB inboxes/emails for the entire day. Still, I take it as a blessing. My community is like my baby which I am nurturing with my blood and soul.

4. You are active in social events and manage your home as well. How do you manage two diverse responsibilities?
I believe that Allah has created every woman as a multi-tasker. However, I choose my social events wisely. Whenever you see me in any social gathering, I reach there only after fulfilling all my responsibilities as a mother and as a wife at home. I never leave my responsibilities uncomplete. But again, balance is the key.

5. How do you define Anila Razzaq?
Anila Razzaq is a perfectionist. She is in love with whatever she does and feels proud of it.

6. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Never give up. Be your own inspiration and reach the point where others get inspired by you. And the best time for that struggle is NOW!

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