Raja Faran Haider Kiani is a lawyer by profession and an author by passion. His book “Fives Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince” was published by  National Book Foundation which has a unique story. Faran talks to Karvan in this exclusive interview. 

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1. Who is Raja Faran Haider Kiani?
Faran is a lost Pindi-boy looking for dragons, witches and magic in Raja Bazaar, Rawalpindi.

2. What motivated you to write “Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince?”
As a child, I was obsessed with fantasy stories that my mother used to tell me. And as I grew up I wanted to write my own. It was just a hobby in the beginning but as I enjoyed doing it I wanted to share my story with the rest of the world.

3. Tell us more about the book without any spoilers?
‘Five Wishes and the Prophecy of the Prince’ is a SING-ALONG FANTASY ADVENTURE. It revolves around a dramatic rhyming tale of five fairy sisters, who, in an effort to make their splendor eternal, turn themselves from Light loving Fairies of The Far Land into The Dark Five Witches of Nayan. Chasing their ‘wishes’ not only turns them wicked but also persuades them to abduct a prince, ride a broom, make a sacrifice once in a while, collect toad spines, fall in love, dabble in witchcraft, betray, lie and at last find the ‘truth’ about their lives. It has a unique tone and a story compared to the rest of the typical fairy tale genre which reveals itself as the story opens up gradually in the subsequent chapters. A constant battle between the good and the evil resides in their hearts at all times; both craving for dominance over the other. Tragedy, suspense, and humor… mix it up with a lot of rhymes and your potion bottle of ‘Five Wishes’ is ready.

4. Do you think fiction in Pakistan has not touched fantasy-adventure yet?
Fiction is everywhere, many writers over the time have tried to touch fantasy but unfortunately, there was never an organized platform in Pakistan especially for young writers to showcase their fiction writing abilities. A lot of work is there in Urdu but English fiction is still dwindling in the twilight.

5. Any specific challenge(s) you faced with writing the book?
Many. Starting from family pressure to getting my work published later on. Writing is a very delicate and intricate process especially when you are indulged in a fantasy genre. Many would call me names, people made fun of me and my work but I had to keep on moving forward because I wanted to share my story with the rest of the world and that’s what always motivated me.

6. You are a lawyer by profession and a writer by passion. How did these two paths cross in your life?
Being a lawyer teaches me how to deal with realities of life, and writing fantasy teaches me how to live in it. Reality and fantasy are two intertwined truths of our world. In order to turn anything into a reality, you need to first imagine it and fantasize its practicality. If they weren’t dependant on each other then cave-man would’ve never been where he is now in the “modern world” doing the impossibles.

7. Your tips on effective writing for aspiring writers?
There’s always success on the other side of hard work and ambition. Never give up. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel that would embrace you and your dreams and lit your imagination with reality.

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
There’s a dire need for us to read books. On one hand social media has exploded a world of connectivity and on the other hand, the old reading habits of people are slipping into an abyss. We are all being sucked up into a vacuum of hustle and bustle, with no time to sit quietly and contemplate upon the realities of life. Please do take time out for yourself and admire the beauty of this enchanted world that we’ve been blessed with. You’ll discover wonders.

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