Shumaila Waqas, Founder at Educationists of Pakistan, envisions a literate Pakistan. “Pedagogy is the dynamic relationship between teaching, learning, and culture,” says Shumaila in this exclusive interview to Karvan

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1. What is the mission of Educationists of Pakistan (EOP)?
To provide the best solutions regarding Educational issues in the modern era.

2. Do you think awareness of self is more important than textbook knowledge?
A study found that “self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success.” Self-awareness allows us to know what our limitations are and allows us to make choices based on our capabilities. Textbook knowledge is important but it provides limited information and tells us about the experience of the person who wrote it.

3. How is Educationists of Pakistan serving the society?
EOP has been created to connect all Educationists at one platform. This digital place will provide an exclusive space for Teachers, learners, trainers, and researchers to explore and enhance their approach and ideas regarding new technological advancements in the field of education. EOP has successfully conducted several Teachers Training Workshops and one of it’s kind Urdu Tadrees Conference held at Arts Council from which 80+ schools, 20+ colleges and institutes and 04 universities including NED and Karachi University benefited.

4. Tell us about yourself?
I am Shumaila Waqas. Master’s in Education with a specialization in Educational Psychology. I have awarded with honorary Degree of M.Ed from HEC. A Teacher, a Certified Quality Auditor from Bureau Veritas Certification Company and a highly committed educator with the ability to motivating and encouraging for learning. I am the Founder of Educationists of Pakistan (EOP). I have almost 15 years of Teaching and Administrative Experience. During my administrative tenure at the University of Karachi, I have organized various educational seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposiums nationally and internationally. I secured 1st position in Civil Defense Instructor Training Course. Currently, I am working as a visiting faculty. My colleagues say that I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants all students to be a successful learner.

5. What factors do you think will help thrive Pakistan’s public sector education?
Our curriculum, reduced class size, district funding, family involvement, all contribute to school improvement and achievement. The most influential factor is the teacher and the teaching environment. We need to make a teacher an effective teacher by conducting training and refresh courses. We believe that learning and interacting in relax educational environment will teach children life, not for school. Last but not least need to give awareness of career development for our new learners.

6. How important is a pedagogy for any country’s education system?
Pedagogy is the dynamic relationship between teaching, learning, and culture. It is the art for the science of teaching children, so by this, we can make our teaching and education system more effective.

7. Tell us about some of the workshops Educationists of Pakistan conducted in recent past?

1- Challenges of 21st Century in the field of Teaching at Arts Council on November 19, 2018
a. Positive Teaching & using creativity in learning
b. Classroom management
c. Creating Life Long Learners
d. Modern world and the changing face of education system
e. Re-explore your lesson planning with new challenges
f. Positive classroom culture strategies

2- Teachers are important so their mental health on December 22, 2019

3- Interactive Teaching Strategies on December 23, 2018

4- Discover your Students / Children inborn talent on January 19, 2018

5- Pakistan’s First URDU Tadrees Conference organized on February 9, 2019
a. اردو تدریس کے مقاصد اور انکا حصول
b. صوتیاتاردو
c. طلباء میں صحیح اردو لکھنے کے اصول و قواعد
d. مختلف مراحل میں اردونصاب
e. اردو زبان و ادب کے فروغ کےلیےاقدامات
f. اردو تعلیم وتدریس کا مستقبل اور منصوبے

6- Interactive Teaching Strategies session # 2 on March 9, 2019

7- Live sessions on different topics:
a. Mental Health
b. Students competitions
c. Language Development
d. Parents Child Relationship and competition race in this era
e. How to change thinking we need to grow

8. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?
Be sincere and passionate about your work to fulfill your dreams. Believe in yourself and the world will believe you.

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