Tahmoor Nazeer is a 20-year-old aspiring singer from Larkana, Pakistan. 

1. Since when have you been singing?
I have been fond of singing since my childhood. However, in 2005 I got ill because of lung disease and put my singing on hold. However, by the grace of Allah, I am now cured and am singing my heart out.

2. What inspires you to sing?
Atif Alam inspires me a lot. His Aadat song is one of my favorite.

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3. Where do you see yourself 10 years into the future as a singer?
I want to be one of the biggest singers in Pakistan.

4. What do you do other than singing?
After graduation, I started working as a purchasing officer.

5. Who are your favorite Pakistani singers and why?
Atif Aslam, Gohar Mumtaz, and Asrar.

6. Where have you performed live?
I performed at the (TEEC 18) Moeen Jo Darro (Sambara Inn Family Festival)

7. Your message for aspiring musicians of Pakistan?
Be happy, spread love and peace, sing with your heart because music is not just about impressing others, it is about living a happy life.

Song: Jiya Dhark Dhark
Singer: Tahmoor Nazeer and Aadil Tunio
Music: Ajmal Hocane

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