Hira Ambreen, Country Ambassador Awareness 360 and Champion at United People Global, talks about her ambitions and life goals with KARVAN. 

1. Tell us about yourself?

I am Hira Ambreen, a student, activist, planner and a manager and sometimes a debater. I love to observe the world. I love to work for social injustice. Previously I was a science graduate but then switched to management science. No! Not because other things did not work but because I made a conscious decision. After the 12th grade, I began working at the US Consulate’s Lincoln Corners where I volunteered in planning and hosting events. There were also great discussion panels on government and society improvements, which helped me, learn a lot. That time I found myself in a different and unique shade which was full of passion and energy. I am a follower of the notion, “do what makes you happy and you will never regret it.”
“Enjoy the life you have, Speak without fear and live for your dreams”. Hira Ambreen

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2. What is Awareness 360 and how did you become its Country Ambassador?

Awareness 360 is a group of change makers campaigning for social awareness and contributing towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) particularly Clean Water and Sanitation. Awareness 360 provides us with a platform to spread knowledge and awareness. Our motto is to make this world a better place and motivate everyone to live consciously. Last year, I was asked by the CFO of Awareness 360 to be a part of this initiative and lead the very first chapter in Pakistan. I went through the application process and my energy and enthusiasm made me secure the position as Country Ambassador, Awareness 360, Pakistan. I have worked in different projects where I have highlighted the SDG’s goals of life on land, water, sanitation, and education.

3. How was your experience of being a Campus Director at the Hult Prize Foundation?

The experience was amazing. During my first year, I got the email from Hult Prize for successfully clearing the selection process and became the first ever Campus Director at the University of Karachi. This was just wow! But after that, there were more how’s to face. Hult Prize was the newbie in my university, which made me face many challenges. From connecting the global team to the national team and keep a balance with the University affair was a challenge I accepted happily. The journey was with ups and down but it gave me an experience of a lifetime. I found the leader inside me. I am thankful to my university Student’s Advisors’ Office for supporting me and making the Hult Prize chapter a big success. After the On-Campus Event of Hult Prize, I was invited to attend the regional round at Kuala Lumpur. This became my first ever international recognition at a UN-affiliated foundation. I was overwhelmed by the love and respect I received. My one-year journey of being a Campus Director was nothing short of a voyage that has made me a better person.

4. What mission are you following in life?

I aspire to be a people’s person who can create awareness of ethics and moral rights. I want to dedicate my services to make this world a better place for our future generations. Life is full of colors and I believe we all experience every color of life, even if it is black. It is not about being disappointed or losing when you fail; it is about the experience, building yourself – superior and stronger.

5. What is your life’s biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement of life is to realize that I can take decisions in life without anyone’s support. I am grateful for all my achievements and have no one else to thank than my parents for their support, trust, and encouragement. They mean everything to me. From being an underrated student at the school to studying at the best university in Pakistan, I have achieved much and still, I have a long way to go in my life. I do not set benchmarks. In life, if you fail, you learn. This is how it works!

6. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?

Look on the positive side of the image, try solving conflicts rather than adding drama to your life. Start creating a small impact so that one day we all can bring a great change to the country. Our country needs our love, respect, and care. Treat Pakistan as your family and I am sure it will never disappoint you.

Cheers, to change!!!

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