Muhammad Kabir Khan, a Digital Marketing and Sales professional with over 16 years of experience, is also the first Pakistani author to write a book on digital marketing. He speaks to KARVAN about his dreams and aspirations.

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1. Tell us about yourself?
I am a passionate marketer with over 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Sales. I am also the first Pakistani to write a book on Digital Marketing. I have been an enthusiastic motivational speaker and have worked with local and international clients in the sphere of Digital Marketing. I have also trained over 700 students in the same field.

2. How did you become a digital marketing and sales expert?
It’s a continuous struggle of more than 17 years. I started off working in various companies before I took marketing and sales as my passion and now it has become my bread and butter. I worked for such companies which were in their early period of growth or in their introduction phase. I trained their staff and taught their interns before establishing their digital marketing/sales department. It’s a gradual process, nothing came easily to me 🙂

3. To what extent has digital marketing evolved in Pakistan over the last decade?
Well, digital marketing still has not completed a “decade” in Pakistan, I believe. We are still in the developing phase and this is the reason I have established a digital marketing institute so that people can learn from my experience and I can add value in the world of digital marketing in Pakistan.

4. What inspired you to write “Conceptualizing Digital Marketing”?
I have been answering with all my heart so this answer will also be from my heart as well. My inspiration has been my father and my wife. My father, Mr. Rais Khan, is an advocate high court, he has written many books on law, emigration and work permit issues. His writing and his struggles inspired me to write a book on a topic on which I can share my life’s experiences. Secondly, my wife, Mrs. Kausar Kabir, who is also the founder of DigiDoze [my institute], insisted and motivated me to write a book on digital marketing so our generation can learn digital marketing and find ways to earn an honest income from this field. She is also the editor and designer of my book 

5. How does it feel to be the first Pakistani to write a book on digital marketing?
The feeling is out of this world. I was smiling throughout the day when the book was launched. I could not believe that my dream was a reality. I had become an author! My book received immense appreciation from digital marketing enthusiasts. Almost 50 copies of the book were sold on the launch day. It feels great when people come up to me and say “Are you the 1st Pakistani to write a book on digital marketing?” I just feel like thanking Allah all the time that He has given me this much love and respect. It is not being first or last in this field, I envision a successful Pakistan in digital marketing and for that, I will keep on pursuing my efforts, write books and train people.

6. What five qualities do you think can bring success to digital media marketing professionals?
1) Creativity
2) Passionate Learner
3) Proactive
4) Problem Solver
5) Interest to Spread what you have learned

7. As the Co-Founder of DigiDoze, what are your responsibilities? What is the mission of DigiDoze?
I am responsible for shaping the career and mindset of the individual who is learning digital marketing from DigiDoze. I feel every individual must play a part in revolutionizing the country, and education is imperative for Pakistan. The mission of DigiDoze is to spread the knowledge of digital marketing and that it should be commonly available for everyone. We have not made this our business, it’s not our source of income. We offer discounts if someone has a passion to learn but can’t afford to pay for the courses. My wife and I envision to open more branches of DigiDoze in near future, Insha Allah. All we need are prayers and wishes from everyone. 

8. Your message to aspiring Pakistanis envisioning to work in the digital media?
Work hard to achieve your dreams. Education is very important, don’t waste your time on useless and unimportant tasks and make logical career choices. Respect everyone, be humble, people will mock you but remember, Allah is watching, He is the planner and He is the one who decides your future, don’t let people come in between your faith and believe. And if you are willing to work in the digital media, I am always here to guide you!
Believe in ALLAH
Trust your skills
Start it!
This is what I am doing!

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