“Keep thriving for a better ‘you’ and a better Pakistan!” says Hassan Mir, author of “Unbroken Bonds” in this exclusive interview to KARVAN

1. What are you doing these days?

I am currently enrolled in A Levels and looking forward to a career of my choice

2. What is your book about?

My book, Unbroken Bonds, published by Daastan Publishing, is about Kabir, being born in one of the wealthiest families has no interest in wealth and is disgusted to see his fellow friends and family drooling over it, wasting it needlessly. My book was one of the top 15 entries in Season 2 of Daastan’s “The Stories Untold” story writing competition.

3. What are your other activities and accolades?

I am a poet and content contributor at The Ancient Souls. Apart from being a verified Author on Goodreads, I am a Marketing and Social Media Manager at Daastan. I have also been published at Dusk.com, Parhlo etc and currently serving as Admin of Words Ablaze, a literary page.

4  Where do you see yourself ten years down the road?

I see myself aspiring to become a confident individual in the upcoming years, reaching new heights, climbing mountains and coming out stronger than before. I want my poetry to become more mature, I plan on traveling a lot in order to gain more exposure and relevancy. Apart from this, I see myself as – rather I contend to become an epitome of perseverance and a role model for the youth, I see myself lauding the new talent of Pakistan, teaching them whatever little expertise I may gain and make the coming generations, my parents and my country proud!

5. Your message for the youth of Pakistan?

My message to the youth is; keep striving, no matter how hard it gets, no matter what hindrances you come across, always believe in yourself, always have faith and never let yourself down. Even if the majority is dwindling on the edge of oblivion, keep yourself focused on achieving your objectives, don’t let hard times weaken you, spiritually or mentally. Keep thriving for a better ‘you’ and a better Pakistan!

Here is a brief synopsis of “Unbroken Bonds” as given on Daastan’s website, MeraQissa.

“In a society where people are judged by their riches and are respected because of their affluence, where the rich can get away with anything, and the poor can be blamed for everything, where the laws of justice can be twisted and bent according to the will of the influential! Kabir being born in one of the wealthiest families has no interest in wealth and is disgusted to see his fellow friends and family drooling over it, wasting it needlessly. He is lost until he finds Sameer; a true patriot adamant on erasing corruption from his beloved country. This new friend makes Kabir realize that we alone can change the situation of our Country. However, it isn’t easy to stand against the powerful people who do not like to be held accountable especially by youngsters with no resources and so the journey begins; of the two friends who are ready to die for each other and courageous to hold the powerful accountable. Their journey is filled with obstacles and hindrances and everything changes, everything but one, their bond remains unbroken!”

Order Hassan Mir’s book here: https://www.meraqissa.com/book/111

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